• Fall seasonal products from Rodelle including turkey brine

Fall Products

Rodelle's baking essentials are especially handy this time of year. But, did you know we also offer some extra special products for fall and winter baking?

KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

Home cooks in need of an extra pair of hands in the kitchen will love this four quart Multi-Cooker offering 10 cooking functions, step-by-step cooking modes and a stirring accessory that allows for assisted cooking at precise temperatures.

Fall Recipes

Looking for a new apple, pumpkin or fall-inspired recipe? You're in the right place! With a robust list of fall recipes, we encourage you to try something new all season long with Rodelle!

Rodelle's Fall Contest

Rodelle is the proud purveyor of gourmet spice blends and baking essentials. The KitchenAid® Multi-Cooker is the ultimate all-in-one cooking system. Take your meals to the next level with unlimited opportunities from a multi-functional tool combined with Rodelle’s sweet and savory ingredients!


Rodelle has so many sweet and savory ingredients that are perfect for fall: turkey brine, wassail, cinnamon sticks, Herbes de Provence, Texas Brisket Rub and Sriracha seasoning to name a few. We've partnered with KitchenAid to bring you an opportunity to win their their state of the art Multi-Cooker and Stir Tower accessory.

The Prizes

One Grand Prize Winner

Five First Place Prize Winners

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