30 Days 30 Ways For Healthy Indulgence

Day 30: Making Recipes Healthy

Let's face it, sometimes desserts taste so good because of the unhealthy ingredients we put in them. But, what if your recipe could taste just as good, by using healthy ingredients?! AND, what if you could bake your cake, eat it too- WHILE getting your vegetable servings for the day?! Best solution for all? Baking with vegetables!!

We found a great article called "5 Vegetables to Bake in Your Cupcake," by Kimberley Stakal, that gives great insight to different options for baking with vegetables.

The first she suggests is shredded zucchini. It dissolve into cupcakes in the oven and doesn't effect the taste or look of your creation. We've used it in our Vanilla & Cocoa and Zucchini Cake Recipe and combined it with our rich, gourmet cocoa to give this cake a flavor you'd never suspect had vegetables!

Next, Kimberly suggests a great way to naturally color your baked goods: with beets! By shredding them, and adding them to your recipe, it gives your cake or cupcake a pink hue... and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, what could be better! Try adding shredded beets to our Double Vanilla Cupcake recipe which will be the perfect touch to make these delicious treats festive!

Thirdly, try baking with carrots! They're a great ingredient because they're rich in natural sugars and skin-rejuvenating carotenoids. Adding carrots to your baked good is a smart idea for your stomach and for your skin! If you're interested in a delicious recipe, try our Layered Carrot Cake Recipe!

Now, how about sweet potatoes- an obvious one if you think about it. It's used in pies all the time, but really - it's a great ingredient to add a smooth and creamy texture, with a sweet taste to your cupcakes and cakes!

Lastly, is sauerkraut. Yes, it's true... we were skeptical at first too. But Kimberly makes a great point. Sauerkraut is juicy and has a powerful flavor that pairs deliciously with chocolate. Try it in your next chocolate recipe- let us know what you think!!

Well there you have it, a great way to add healthy vegetable servings into your delicious baked goods!! ENJOY!

2 Ingredient Ice Cream

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4 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

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2 Ingredient Ice Cream

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We put our heads together with our partners at KitchenAid and developed some really fantastic ways to whip up healthy, yet satisfying sweet treats for the New Year!

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